Jacksonville - this week.


XMas Venison

We had ourselves a little post Christmas venison cookout. Four pounds
of venison, 15 minutes marinating, four minutes cooking, one tasty
treat. All from my nephew's first deer.


Ice Ice Baby

Our 1 - 3 inches of snow turned into 1/4 inch of ice. I'll be picking
up downed limbs tomorrow.



Because of the bad weather on the mountain we didn't go skiing. However, we did go to Bern. Bern is a old beautiful city. Back on the mountain tomorrow hopefully.


Passing time

When the weather is bad... We play games. After about 20 games of ping pong I remain undefeated.

Much needed day off

Due to the weather, we decided to take yesterday and today off. I couldn't be happier - my knee and every muscle in my body demanded the time off. We should be back on the mountain again tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep the falls to a minimum.


Labs everywhere

I had the fortunate pleasure of riding back down the mountain with a young Black Lab.

Day one

Sore knee, sore wrist and a nasty bruise on my butt. It was a good first day but I still have a lot to learn. The photo is "The North Face" - and no, they didn't name it after the jacket. I'm taking
tomorrow off hoping that my knee will feel better.


First sight

On the way to Interlaken.

I am getting a little nervous - these mountains are freakin' huge.


Gear'd Up

I'm ready to go. All packed and hoping my flight will be on time. For those of you who don't know, I'm going to one of the premier skiing areas in the world - Interlaken, Switzerland or the Jungfrau Mountain region. Oh, and I don't know how to ski. Nothing like going to a world class ski region and not knowing how to ski! I do have company, however, as another brave soul on the trip also does not know how to ski. I'm hoping that my hockey skills (or lack thereof) will aid in balance and my general fitness will aid in recovering from unintended cartwheels down the mountain.

It's a good thing my wife has a nice health plan. I wonder if the Ski Patrol takes HSA plans?



Long drive home in the rain.


Oh Deer

My nephew's first deer. Only about 1.5 miles to drag it out.