Jacksonville - this week.



Has anyone ever said to you; "Can we do something about that?" The question can be interpreted in many ways such as; 'Company X offers this service, can we do something about that?' Basically, can we offer the same service as company X, or do we have the tools to implement such a service.

The interpretation that I always hear is; "Chase (my dog) is restless, can we do something about that?" Or, "I need a patch of sod cleared for my vegetable box, can we do something about that?" Those two questions are, of course, uttered by my wife - The latter one is usually on a Saturday morning while she is reviewing her list.

Wife: "I need a patch of sod cleared for my vegetable box, can WE do something about that?"
T-Rav: "What? Do you want me to get you the shovel?"
Wife: "No, I was hoping that you would dig it up for me while I'm doing other stuff."
T-Rav: "So what you're saying is that you want me to clear the sod, dig the hole, built the box, fill it with dirt and then call you?"
Wife: "Yes, that would be perfect!"
T-Rav: "Then why did you say WE?"
Wife: "Well if you need help I can help."
T-Rav: "Right!"

The prior one (about Chase) at 5AM this morning.
Wife: Grumble, moan, barely awake(as Chase is whining and pacing) "Can WE do something about that?" (assuming that I am already awake)
T-Rav: "By WE do you mean ME?'
Wife: Uttered something incomprehensible in annoyance.
T-Rav: "I guess so!"
Funny thing is she won't even remember it.

WE is only included because the person asking the question doesn't want to do the work, but at the same time doesn't want to sound like they are bossy.

I'm probably going to have to pay for this post once the wife reads it. Payment will likely be 'US' digging out stumps in a few weeks.


Spring is here

Finally, two straight weeks with no freezing temperatures.
Time to get the yard back in shape prior to my trip to The Masters.


15K Update

After viewing the Gate River Run 15 K results I found out the following information:
- My gun time was 1:30:42
- My chip time was 1:28:46
- Ave. Pace 9:33/mile
- I was 478/974 in my age group
- I was 4306 overall (of about 13,000 finishers)
- If I were 75 years old, I would have won my age group (all other younger age groups had a winner faster than my time)
- If I were a 70 year old woman, I would have won my age group (same as above)
- There was another Travis Smith running the race - he is 2 years older and beat me by 23 minutes.

I'm slow but I had fun - I'm ready for the 1/2 Marathon now.


1:30:40 gun time

It wasn't too bad. My knees are killing me.

25 minutes to go

Dom and I gearing up.

1 hour 5 minutes to go

Visited these twice already. Plus two at Andy's house. I'm definitely hydrated.



Since I'll be delerious at the finish I thought I'd get a photo now so I can remember it. I'll be getting up around 5:30am tomorrow, arrive at the race around 7:00am and prepare myself mentally for the 8:30am start. Hoping for a 10:00 pace per mile.



Yes! Andy can read. Who knew?


This Week

My week coming up;
- Drive 400 miles to Jacksonville
- Lunch at Noon
- Spend the night at the Cabbage house
- Meetings
- Swing set assembly
- Meetings
- Inventory
- Carnet Preparation
- Argue the 'Left' with TBG, SLAW, Ingalls
- Possible Lunch at Hooters to discuss the above
- Meetings
- Bubble wrap
- Load cases
- Meeting
- Conference Call to London
- 15k Gate River Run
- 400 miles to Charlotte


It's Snowing Again

Seriously, I'm ready for this crappy weather to end. Since I've been home from Australia we've only had one day over 60 degrees in Charlotte. I know it's still winter, but we typically average 55 degrees this time of year. Hopefully my trip to Jacksonville next week will warm the bones.