Jacksonville - this week.


Walking the course

I've done hundreds of golf events but this new scoring system for the USGA is new to me. So I grabbed a scoring unit and walked with the training group and scored a hole. I screwed up at the end - good thing I'm not an actual walking scorer.

Fox Hole and I set up TV today - probably the easiest set up I've been involved with. The TV folks were helpful and we were efficient. Basically it took us about 2 hours to set up and cable 17 computers. Before we left the compound, all systems were running with live data. On to the next task...


Planning a trip

It is a little early, but a trip is brewing... If we can work it out, Brandi and I will be adding some travel to my site visit to Wimbledon. Right now we're looking at a week and a half traveling to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Even though it's a bit preliminary, I'm getting a bit excited about it. Now we just have to figure out how to pay for it.



11a is no longer my home.


One Fox

A new superstition has developed at Wimbledon. After a few problems in the first week, I realized that each night on the walk home I saw one fox. ONE FOX BAD. On a day where things went relatively well, I saw two foxes on the walk home. TWO FOX GOOD. On yet another night's walk home, I raised the question to Glyn "what if we see three foxes?" THREE FOX F***ED!