Jacksonville - this week.


Never thought I'd see the day

This past Australian Open Joanne got me hooked on Cheesymite scrolls - a delicious blend of spreadable cheese and Vegemite baked until it is a little crusty on top of the roll. I basically had one every day after Joanne introduced it to me. Now I've just moved on to mainlining Vegemite. It goes on a little thicker each day.

I used to think that Vegemite tasted like licking an Australian pub floor around 2am. I think I was being a bit unfair at the time but it is definitely an acquired taste. My only concern now is - why didn't I buy a bigger jar?



We made it. Not as much snow as I had hoped, but there should be plenty up on top


I'd rather be skiing

My List of things going to Switzerland (all in one bag):

Ski pants
Ski Jacket - Both parts
North Face jacket
Mammut fleece
Berghaus fleece
Berghaus pullover
North Face vest
Mammut fleece hat
Mammut wool hat
OR hat
Penguins hat

Tron suit
Long underwear
Long sleeve BR shirt
North Face sweater
REI wool sweater
Blue running long sleeve
4 t-shirts
Long sleeve button down
8 pair underwear
white socks
wool socks
2 pair jeans
1 Khaki

Ski gloves
normal gloves

North Face shoes

BACKPACK Essentials:
iPhone charger
Camera Batt. Charger
EURO power conversion


Wax Moths

This is what happens when you have a weak hive. This was my Russian hive and I have to say I'm not to bummed that the hive is gone. My Russians have always been a troublesome and unproductive hive. As the hive grew weaker as winter approached, the Wax Moths moved in. It's simple; the moth lays eggs, the larvae eat the wax then cocoon in their own webbing. They can destroy a hive in a week. I ended up completely burning this hive - which is a story in itself. Pine, propolis and wax make a perfect source for combustion. Lets just say I lit up the neighborhood.



I'm skeptical, but Matt says that he agrees. I haven't tried one yet.