Jacksonville - this week.



This is Crumpley... Showing off his US Open Golf credential.


Pit Crew Challenge

The start of the Push for the Carolina Panthers team during Media Day.

The finish shown by the Lynx Photo finish system - which I learned a bit about this week.

I haven't been invovled with much, if any, timing software and gear during my tenure in the sports world. This past week was a true learning experience for me. Thanks to Skunk and his team for showing me the ropes!


Court 3

The new Court 3 with Court 4 in the '4ground.' Both will be inactive for 2010.

It is nearly 'Time'

I realized while standing in the Club office that I'll be back on site for The Championships in one month. Not enough time.


In the rain

Monday breakdown is looking like it's going to be a soaker. 1 - 2 inches of rain is forecasted with some of that being in strong thunderstorms. I hate breaking down in the rain - and I hate setting up in the rain.

Some memorable rain events in my career:
1. Ryder Cup '95 - I didn't prepare for rain or cold. It rained on Friday of the event and I was soaked. All I had was a tennis pull over which didn't keep out the rain or the cold - It was about 40 degrees that day. Miserable!

2. Ryder Cup '99 - The hurricane that was supposed to hit Jacksonville (and didn't) came right over Boston and drenched us for two solid set up days. I had all the necessary rain gear but it didn't help. I was still soaked. Miserable!

3. Corning LPGA '08 - Set up in Cold, Rain, Sleet, and even thunder. I was warm and dry, but one of the interns who was there didn't have rain gear or warm clothes. I ended up giving the kid a heavy sweatshirt to stay somewhat warm. Tolerable!

4. Wimbledon '08, '09 - Wimbledon is of course known for its long rain delays. In the two years that I've been at the event we've had a total of about 3 hours of rain delays. I'm a good luck charm. Now that they have a roof, it will never rain again. Awesome!

5. Belmont, NC '05 - First year in our new house and it was the year of the monsoon rains bred from tropical systems. I spent one of my few couple days off digging drain trenches, installing drainage pipe and pumping out the 18 inches of water from my utility space under the house. Later that fall we had to replace the HVAC. Miserable!

Will tomorrow make the list?