Jacksonville - this week.



I saw bees circling my yard a few days ago - that is a bad sign; it's usually indicative of a swarm. So I marched out into the circling bees and found a group of about 100 bees in the grass with a queen. It was definitely a swarm, but the smallest one I've ever seen. Let's just say that I'm sure that it came from one of my hives, but I'm not worried that it had much impact.

I've added all of my supers (boxes of frames for honey) and they are likely full already. I may spin some honey this weekend and put the empty frames back on to get some more honey. I really need to buy more supers in the off season. I was not properly prepared this year - lazy I guess.


My Golf "Rounds"

My daily rounds each day include checking on the computers in:
- The Champions Room
- The Players locker room
- The Clubhouse lounge
- The Chairman's office
- The General Manager's office
- The Official's room
- Bobby Jones Cabin (Chairman Payne's residence)

Sorry, just a little bragging.


Masters Ping Pong

It's on! I lost in the second round to Matt Ballard. In 2009 I lost
to his brother in the finals.


It is official. I am addicted to Coke again (cola that is). The nonstop free flowing supply of CoCola, as it's called in the south, is spawning an addiction that will last through the summer.
- Breakfast: Two Krispy Kremes and a Coke
- Check on Tournament HQ - get a Coke
- Lunch at the officials tent - get a Coke
- Use up my "free" lunch tickets - get a Coke, then go back and get another
- Dinner - WATER - otherwise I won't sleep

I figure that I'll keep the addcition going whilst in the UK and in France - and by the time I'm home in May, the addiction will be too bad to break prior to my departure for The Championships and The Open. When all is said and done, it will probably be the US Open Tennis where the addiction will break. Not because I won't crave Coke, but because they only have Pepsi products on site. I'd rather drink battery acid.



I took my first shower in a week just a few minutes ago and it was outstanding. From the picture you will see that all I have in my room is a tub and a partially working toilet. What makes it worse is that the bathroom smells like a combination of rust, urine and mold with a fresh coat of paint. My partially working toilet is another story. The tank only fills up to about 1/6th capacity, not allowing the next flush to be sufficient to move "materials." for some reason once the water stops filling the tank from the valve stem, water starts flowing out the tube that fills the bowl. So I've since removed the rubber tube to allow the water to flow directly in the tank until it reaches the overflow tube - then filling the bowl. A 5 dollar part could fix it, but I don't have the energy.

I never realized that taking a bath would be so difficult (I never take baths). I hate it. Plus, the grime you are washing off is still in the water that you are bathing in. I just don't get it.

So tonight I used the downstairs shower an I loved it. It's the ittle
things in life. It's 9 o'clock and I'm going to bed.


I'm Back

It is so good to be back. I saw a lot of the course and it is in fine
shape. However, the azaleas are not blooming yet. I fear that they
will not be ready for next week.