Jacksonville - this week.



It is official. I am addicted to Coke again (cola that is). The nonstop free flowing supply of CoCola, as it's called in the south, is spawning an addiction that will last through the summer.
- Breakfast: Two Krispy Kremes and a Coke
- Check on Tournament HQ - get a Coke
- Lunch at the officials tent - get a Coke
- Use up my "free" lunch tickets - get a Coke, then go back and get another
- Dinner - WATER - otherwise I won't sleep

I figure that I'll keep the addcition going whilst in the UK and in France - and by the time I'm home in May, the addiction will be too bad to break prior to my departure for The Championships and The Open. When all is said and done, it will probably be the US Open Tennis where the addiction will break. Not because I won't crave Coke, but because they only have Pepsi products on site. I'd rather drink battery acid.

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Joanne said...

Again? I didn't realise it ever stopped. Based on previous years i know u will definitely keep it going thru Wimbledon.

That is a hell of a lot of coke u r drinking tho. It can't b good 4 u.