Jacksonville - this week.


Chilly Walk

Since I was up early for the Federer match, I decided to take the dogs for a walk just after sunrise. Shortly before our walk Chase alerted me to a coyote in the front yard. It was about 20 feet from our window just staring back at us wondering why Chase was barking. I hoped to see it again on our walk, but no luck.

Anyway, it is cold and icy here. The main roads are still a sheet of ice - I'm not sure that Brandi will be going to work tomorrow.

It's funny that the south cannot manage a little amount of snow and ice. I feel like I'm with The Big Guy at the Olympics, snowed in and preparing for the luge. I could probably set a Gaston County, NC luge record going down my street.

I'm Up

Call me crazy, but I'm awake at 3:30 am to watch Federer v Murray. The jet lag makes it easy to wake up early. (update) And I'm glad I got up... It's good to see the old guy can still beat up on the young guys. 6-3, 6-4, 7-6.


Cafe Girl

My wife is going to kill me for this, but my readers have demanded it. Here is the photo of the girl. I had to take this pretending to be searching on my iPhone so I wouldn't look like a stalker. Sotto on Equitable Place off of Little Collins. sotto.com.au

Federer and Hewitt at the FED

This is a photo of Federation Square I took in the walk home. Everyone was watching the Federer vs Hewitt match on the big screen. At the time if this photo, Fed was up 5-2 and he cruised to a 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 win.


Bells update

Here is the update on the bells. Have fun reading it sideways.


I took this photo today upon entering the TV compound. Japanese tourists will take photos with anyone. In this instance it was the Security Guard.

Which brings me to another story. The Broadcast manager here at AO (Brad) was showing some Asian media around the TV compound and I happened to be in the Show Court 3 production checking my graphics for the day. He mentioned to the group that I was famous world wide for the work I do - and immediately all of the members of the group started taking my photo in the production booth. Thanks Brad, I've never felt this important!

Cool Change

This is what the Aussies call a cool change. Shortly after this photo, the temperature went from around 96 degrees to about 75 degrees in a little over 20 minutes. Refreshing.


This is a picture of the coffee shop with attractive girl that makes
my latte. Apparently she hails from Malta. I really don't go there
because of the girl - it's the outstanding coffee she makes. I have
since convinced half of our staff to get coffee there.


The Bells

These bells are chiming everyday I walk to work. It's a neat little sculpture/artwork/cultural display. They have something to do with the aboriginies that once inhabited the land around the Yarra. I'll have to read up on the history tomorrow when I walk by them and provide an update.

1 Month

Celebrating 1 month. Isn't love grand?


Show Court 3

Rain - suspend play, Sun - play, over and over. At least the
production from show court 3 is awesome.


A+ Stats Team

Getting ready for the hit for Haiti.

The Queue

As I walked to work this morning I ran into a queue of folks buying tickets to the charity tennis match that the Australian open is having to raise funds for Haiti. The line was very long - I'd say the length of a cricket pitch. For you non-Aussie's a pitch is a field. The photo was taken at Federation Square.



This was Melbourne a few evenings ago. Quiet, still and cooler.


This is what 41 degrees (106 F) looks like. What does it feel like? Like walking into a blast furnace. And Lloyd is making me go to court 6 & 8 to test the radar.


Low country boil

I arrived in Melbourne on December 31st and a few hours later I was greeted with a Low Country Boil courtesy of Jo and Ken. Ken is US (Georgia) transplant and he knows how to cook. I didn't get a photo of the Ribs, but those were the best ribs I've ever had - and I live in the South now and can tell a good rib when I see one. Jo is a lucky woman - Ken can really cook. If only Jo didn't have all of the "texture" issues!