Jacksonville - this week.


Chilly Walk

Since I was up early for the Federer match, I decided to take the dogs for a walk just after sunrise. Shortly before our walk Chase alerted me to a coyote in the front yard. It was about 20 feet from our window just staring back at us wondering why Chase was barking. I hoped to see it again on our walk, but no luck.

Anyway, it is cold and icy here. The main roads are still a sheet of ice - I'm not sure that Brandi will be going to work tomorrow.

It's funny that the south cannot manage a little amount of snow and ice. I feel like I'm with The Big Guy at the Olympics, snowed in and preparing for the luge. I could probably set a Gaston County, NC luge record going down my street.


Joanne said...

While ur walking in the snow our next 3 days look like this - 34 (93.2), 31 (87.8), 31 (87.8).


Travis Smith said...

Thanks for that! That makes me feel even better. Our forecast for this week isn't looking good. It is currently 1 degree and raining - I hate cold rain, I'd rather it snow. The rest of the week doesn't get much better.

Joanne said...

Actually our forecast 4 2day, Wednesday, has changed, it's now going 2 b 35 (95). LOL. Sorry.

Elliot Abrams said...

If it was 1 degree in Gatson, NC wouldn't the rain be snow since 32 degress is freezing in the United States of America?