Jacksonville - this week.



This is a picture of the coffee shop with attractive girl that makes
my latte. Apparently she hails from Malta. I really don't go there
because of the girl - it's the outstanding coffee she makes. I have
since convinced half of our staff to get coffee there.


Joanne said...

What's the name of the coffee shop? I bet the other guys go more 4 the attractive girl than the coffee. :-)

Travis Smith said...

Soto... It's been open for a little over a month now.

The Big Guy said...

Post a pic, please...

(Of the GIRL...Not the coffee.)
But while we're on the topic of coffee, how do you like yours?

As for me- I like my coffee like I like my wimmen...
Cold and bitter.
(or was it finely ground and in the freezer?...)