Jacksonville - this week.



I saw bees circling my yard a few days ago - that is a bad sign; it's usually indicative of a swarm. So I marched out into the circling bees and found a group of about 100 bees in the grass with a queen. It was definitely a swarm, but the smallest one I've ever seen. Let's just say that I'm sure that it came from one of my hives, but I'm not worried that it had much impact.

I've added all of my supers (boxes of frames for honey) and they are likely full already. I may spin some honey this weekend and put the empty frames back on to get some more honey. I really need to buy more supers in the off season. I was not properly prepared this year - lazy I guess.


Joanne said...

So how do u get rid of a swarm? If they came from ur hives will they return 2 the hives?

I certainly wouldn't walk out in2 the yard amongst them.

Slaw said...

What I wouldn't do for a can of Ortho Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray!