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Never thought I'd see the day

This past Australian Open Joanne got me hooked on Cheesymite scrolls - a delicious blend of spreadable cheese and Vegemite baked until it is a little crusty on top of the roll. I basically had one every day after Joanne introduced it to me. Now I've just moved on to mainlining Vegemite. It goes on a little thicker each day.

I used to think that Vegemite tasted like licking an Australian pub floor around 2am. I think I was being a bit unfair at the time but it is definitely an acquired taste. My only concern now is - why didn't I buy a bigger jar?


Joanne said...

WOOHOO!!! An update and not just an update but 1 that actually says u like Vegemite.

Don't worry about running out. I'm sure i can bring u a jar 2 Wimbledon and if u need some b4 then i'm sure i can organise that 2.

Thanks for the update.

The Big Guy said...

No worries, I have two jars at home and one on my desk at work, I'll be glad to share.

Luc said...

So that's the stuff you were talking about the other day Big Guy?

The Big Guy said...

That's the stuff.
Mmmm. Tasty.

T-Rav said...

I never thought I'd agree that it is tasty... but it is true.

Surpresas do mar / cristiane nunes said...

descupe, não faço ideia do que é esse pote, mas deve ser bommm!
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Joanne said...

It's VERY tasty.

Louise K said...

Vegemite rocks! It's the richest known source of vitamin B.

Try a vegemite sandwich next time you have a headache as it will often cure them. Also, Vegemite on toast is the closest thing to a hangover cure I know.

Joanne said...

Time 4 an update please?

Sonny said...


genuine_pills said...

Nice jar. Just make sure you have your Anti Bacterial/Anti Biotic with you

Taiwo said...

it tastes good. get yourself a bigger jar www.funnyfindings.blogspot.com

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Unknown said...

It looks strange but most things that look like this taste just wonderful!

But - what is vegemite? How does it taste? Look like dried stock!

Vica from 1690mm.blogspot.de

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