Jacksonville - this week.


Planning a trip

It is a little early, but a trip is brewing... If we can work it out, Brandi and I will be adding some travel to my site visit to Wimbledon. Right now we're looking at a week and a half traveling to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Even though it's a bit preliminary, I'm getting a bit excited about it. Now we just have to figure out how to pay for it.


Joanne said...

Prague is AWESOME. U will absolutely LOVE it.

Joanne said...

Is there an update in the works?

Anonymous said...

Change in itinerary. Looking like 2 days in Munich and 3 days each in Prague, Krakow, and Vienna. May be substituting Budapest for Krakow.

Anonymous said...

sweet. you should go to europe and spend 4 hours in each country over 5 days.