Jacksonville - this week.


15K Update

After viewing the Gate River Run 15 K results I found out the following information:
- My gun time was 1:30:42
- My chip time was 1:28:46
- Ave. Pace 9:33/mile
- I was 478/974 in my age group
- I was 4306 overall (of about 13,000 finishers)
- If I were 75 years old, I would have won my age group (all other younger age groups had a winner faster than my time)
- If I were a 70 year old woman, I would have won my age group (same as above)
- There was another Travis Smith running the race - he is 2 years older and beat me by 23 minutes.

I'm slow but I had fun - I'm ready for the 1/2 Marathon now.


Joanne said...

Fly on down here then and u can do it with me in May.

Joanne said...

Oh yeah, i saw there was another Travis Smith that ran. I had a look 2 c how u guys went. Good work.