Jacksonville - this week.


1:30:40 gun time

It wasn't too bad. My knees are killing me.


Dom said...

Great job, Travis! I'm glad we weren't the ones puking in the palm tree...

Joanne said...

Nice one. So ur actual would be under 1h 30 mins. I knew u could get under an hour and a half. Gr8 work. Enjoy the massages.

T-Rav said...

Yeah, my Chip time (Dom's as well) was 1:28:46. That's a 9:33/mile pace that I'm more than pleased with!

Cockroach said...

Nice Job.
I wish I could still run, I used to love the Gate River run, exept the Hart Bridge at the end.
Does the new chip keep accurate time, as far as time from the momemnt you cross start line and finish line. Last time I ran, it took me 8 minutes just to get to the start line after the gun went off. So my personal time and the race time were WAY off.
Back then, we were handed the old popsicle stick with a number, that cross referenced with the time somehow.


Joanne said...

Good job. So i have 1:28:46 for 15km 2 aim for then. Cool. Thanks. :-)