Jacksonville - this week.


New Zealand Sun

Yes, the NZ sun is as powerful as the Australian sun. Don't let the cool weather deceive you... you will burn. Brandi has proven that theory twice and I have proven it once. So far Brandi has burned and peeled around her neck (yes, she is a redneck) and we both got burned today from our trip to Paraparaumu Beach. Brandi's legs are burned and the tops of my feat are on fire. And this fire is not going out!

Nonetheless, our trip is coming to an end. We depart for Auckland tomorrow (Saturday) to act as our staging area for our oversees flight to LA on Sunday. As always, the days have sped by like they typically do on a vacation. We could easily spend another week or two here exploring all of the areas we didn't have time for. But we can't - maybe another trip next year?

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Joanne said...

Typical Kiwis. Even the sun is trying 2 like an Aussie.

Glad u enjoyed ur trip.