Jacksonville - this week.


Spinning Honey

I have to have all of this honey spun before I leave for Wimbledon. You are looking at t 26 frames of honey which is close to 60 pounds. Notice my shiny new extractor on the right. This will probably take me four hours to do. It's not as fun as I thought it would be.

In total I've calculated that I'll get about 120 pounds for the season. Much more than I had anticipated.


Anonymous said...

much more? only if you define "much" as 20lbs more than what you anticipated. I would say "approximately" how much you anticipated.

Joanne said...

Is some of that headed 2 Wimbledon with u?

Travis Smith said...

Two bottles and two boxes of tea are in Wimbledon! Or at least Putney for the time being.

Joanne said...

Good 2 hear.

Quick question - On Sunday, site or house from the airport? I land at about 1:30pm.