Jacksonville - this week.


Going West

Our pleasure travel has finally come to an end. Now we start our journey home which will likely be full of dis-pleasure.

Travis' itinerary is as follows:
1. Budapest to Zurich (Swiss Air)
1a. A likely missed connection to London Heathrow due to the short connection time
2. Zurich to London (Swiss Air)
3. Piccadilly Line (tube) from Heathrow to Victoria station
4. Gatwick Express from Victoria to Gatwick Airport
5. Taxi to the Best Western Gatwick Hotel
6. Hotel shuttle to Gatwick Airport
7. Gatwick to Charlotte (USAirways)
8. Wait for Brandi's flight from Munich (1. 5 hours waiting)
9. Parking Shuttle to Lot Long Term 2
10. Car Ride Home

Brandi's Itinerary is as follows:
1. Budapest to Munich (Lufthansa)
2. Hotel shuttle to Marriott Hotel
3. Hotel Shuttle to Munich Airport
4. Munich to Charlotte (Lufthansa)
5. Parking Shuttle to Lot Long Term 2
6. Car Ride Home

Travis' journey seems a lot worse right?

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Joanne said...

I can't believe i've only just seen ur updates from ur trip. I'm so annoyed that i coulda been commenting all this time and i missed out. Damn it.
Good 2 hear u enjoyed ur trip tho.
I have 2 agree, ur itinerary did seem much worse.