Jacksonville - this week.


Upcoming Schedule

My travel is kicking in to gear again. I've been home for close to 2 months and I'm starting to get a bit jumpy. Below is my schedule over the next two months:

28 November to 2 December - Home to hunt the elusive white tail deer. Don't worry, I always shoot for the head - they'll feel no pain! Oh, and my .243 is very accurate.

7 December to 15 December - Off to Switzerland to Ski with Glyn and Erich. At this point it is looking more like and expensive hiking trip - seeing that there isn't any snow!

19 December to 26 December - Back Home for Christmas. NOTE TO MOM - I don't need anything so don't get me anything! Dad, I hold you accountable!

29 December to 28 January - Back to Australia for Vacation. Just kidding, I actually have to do some work - Spending New Year's with Jo and Ken and I'm looking forward to good food and a lot of college football talk. Especially about when Penn State beat Georgia in the National Championship game (1982)

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Joanne said...

LOL. Make sure u eat b4 talking about the National Championship game in 1982. :-)

Looking 4ward 2 c-ing u. Ken will make sure there is plenty of food and i'll make sure there's plenty 2 drink.