Jacksonville - this week.


Day 8 Swarm

How appropriate that my blog is called Sports and Swarms... I took this photo outside of Centre Court today around 5:00 PM. The tournament blocked off an area around the tree and had about 6 ground staff there scratching their heads about what to do. I would classify this as a very small swarm - maybe 1,000 bees.

This is the second event that I've been to where I've seen a swarm. The other event was in 2007 during the Jamie Farr Kroger Classic LPGA in Toledo, Ohio. That swarm freaked everyone out. The swarm came out of an office trailer near our truck and had bees all over the place. People were running for their lives. And of course no one got stung. When everyone found out that I was a beekeeper, I became the resident expert on what to do next.

Seeing this swarm really fires me up to get home and check on my hives. I'll be harvesting what ever honey I have - hopefully enough to fill a few jars. However, I fear that the drought is affecting production.

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