Jacksonville - this week.


Middle Sunday

It was a fine day off from Tennis on this past Sunday. Bill Mitchell and I tubed it down to Abbey Road and got some pictures crossing Abbey Road. I'm not much of a beatles fan but it was nice to see the area and see what all of the fuss is about. We also stopped by McCartney's house. He wasn't home.

After a stop in Spital Square and Brick Road (a surprisingly eccentric area) we jumped back on the tube to head home. We ended up being late to our own party. We planned a gathering for IDS and IBM folks which turned out to be very nice. Erich did most of the cooking - which was outstanding. I'm impressed by Erich culinary skills. Erich apparently watches the food channel as much as I do. He is a confessed Rachel Ray lover.

I tried to go to bed around 10:40 pm. Unfortunately, the noise emminating from the lower part of the house was beyond my IPod's capacity to mask it. Since I lost the noise battle I just began reading. Not long after midnight, the neighbor called to say pipe it down. The party ended. The one thing I learned last night is that no one employed by IBM or IDS can carry a tune. I guess that is why they're stuck in the IT field.

The weather today is looking good and play is well under way. It's looking as if we may get some bad weather on Wednesday after a splendid day forcasted for Tuesday. My luck, it will rain Saturday and Sunday and they'll move play to Monday. Nonetheless, I'll be back in the states in just over a week.

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