Jacksonville - this week.


Sorry for the Delays

Sorry for the delays in my blog... It resembles the delays in the Underground service tonight (Friday). On our way back from China Town (eating Singapore Noodles) we got on the Piccadilly Line and switched at Earls Court for the District Line to Wimbledon. We were good, but both the Victoria Line and Bakerloo Line were cancelled for the evening.

Anyway, the delays (to my blog) have been caused by an extreme lack of Internet service. That is unless I wanted to pay for it. I'm currently paying 5 pounds (10 dollars) to get Internet access for 60 minutes. I've posted a blog from our Edinburgh trip and due to my expiring Internet access, this is all you get for today.

Back in the States on Sunday!


Joanne said...

It's a long time between drinks. Have u 4gotten about ur loyal fans?

Anonymous said...

We want something. Anything. Event if it is about Obama....