Jacksonville - this week.



I voted today, did you?

Here in Red Neck, NC we have early voting. It's nice too. I do not want to stand in line for 4 hours like I did in the last Presidential election, although, I did stand in line for 25 minutes today to cast my vote.

Since most of you know that I'm a registered Democrat, I can say that I voted for two Republicans (NC House, County Commissioner) and one Libertarian (County Commissioner) today.

Fight the lines and go vote!


Karl Marx said...

Did you vote for Comrade Obama?

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

Travis Smith said...

Good comment Andy. I think we should all just stop paying taxes and let greed run the country. Republicans now believe in Anarchy.

Jack Murtha said...

You ain't a redneck, only the good folks in Western PA are rednecks!

Anonymous said...

this rep.is voting for obama, i am tired of the smut peddlers in the rep. party