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Like Behavior

For those of you who have Labs for dogs you'll know what I mean when I say all Labs are alike. I recently met up with Jo (pictured), Ken, Trapper (the talker) and Sherman (the goofy one on the lap). As soon as I saw Sherman I recognized him as my female lab Riley. But as soon as I walked through the gate he instantly reminded me of my male Lab Chase. The extreme urge to show off the nearest toy available and prance around with it was the first give-away.

There were other signs as well. As you can see in the picture, Sherman loves to sit on Jo's lap. My Chase has to be touching you at all times and if he is sitting, it is on your feet.

Tennis balls - Sherman loves them, Chase can't live without them (he especially likes the balls I brought back from Wimbledon).

Brandi and I have recently been talking about what might be our next dog. We've been thinking of a German Shorthair... but I'm not sure I could live without a Lab. Our female has been a gem all of her life. Our male came to us crazy and wild - now he is slightly wild but super lovable. If you can handle the first two years of a crazy Lab, you are rewarded with a great dog. Labs for everyone!


Joanne said...

I'd never had a lab b4 Sherm but i must admit he's AWESOME. They r just so loveable. Of course Trapper is AWESOME 2 altho if ur looking 4 a family dog i would probly have 2 admit that Labs might b slightly better (only coz Huskies r very independant and it's on their terms). :-)

Labs ROCK.

Joanne said...

P.S. I think personally i'd still go the Husky over the Lab if push came 2 shove. :-)