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High Visability

Notice the Blaze Orange vest that Glyn has on? It is on everyone here in Australia. You can't walk anywhere without seeing blinding orange or yellow. The Australian's are known for their safety or at least their attempt at safety. The down side of that is the barrage of safety vests thrown at you as you try to get something done. We've pretty much determined that the vest is our permenant uniform - if only it had an IBM logo on it.

For me, once sensory adaptation sets it, I don't recognize them anymore. More to the point, if everyone is wearing a safety vest on a work site isn't that the same as everyone not wearing one?

Regardless of my rants, I think I actually make the vest look GOOD!


Joanne said...

The vests r not a good look and i agree with u when u say that if every1 is wearing 1 isn't the same as every1 not wearing it. Of course it is. I think the theory is "if i have 2 wear 1 and look like an idiot then every1 should" so that's what they've gone with.

Good 2 c the 1st blog of 2009.

Bambi said...

Travis, your orange vest would actually be a Hunting vest and it would have my blood stains on it.

Joanne said...

How come there was no blog update done when u got on 2 give this one a title?

Anonymous said...

this is trav's dad, orange is not the color of choice anymore it is slim green, thats all they wear in the construction industry.

LloydKillaSkee said...

Where is a picture of the PM?