Jacksonville - this week.


Bed Time

Isn't this nice... Pam reading to Lindsey before bed time. I wish Andy would read to me before I go to bed.


Joanne said...

U got that bedtime story from Andy yet? I can just c the 2 of u curled up on the bed 2gether and u drifting off 2 sleep with a smile on ur face as Andy reads 2 u. LOL.

Joanne said...

I notice u've changed the way ur ticker at the top scrolls, it's so much better now. :-)

Enjoy ur time in Augusta.

Joanne said...

If Andy never got a chance 2 read u a bedtime story b4 u left Jax then mayb u might b able 2 get Jay 2 read u 1 while u r in Augusta?