Jacksonville - this week.



The snow last night (4 inches) was a bad omen. My dad and I had grand plans today to install a new faucet and a new toilet. We started around 8:30am. It is now 8:30pm and the toilet is still not working... mind you, my dad is a retired pipe fitter.

We discovered that when we installed the new low-flow toilet that it wouldn't flush. So, onto the snow covered roof i went (photo taken from roof). Why the roof? That is where the vent is for the bathroom. I immediately discovered that the vent pipe is completely clogged about 10 feet down from the roof. I tried for 20 minutes to hammer away at the clog - NO LUCK! We called roto-rooter (the Aussies will love that term). The scheduled a 3:30 appointment. At 3:30, the called and said that due to the snow, they were running behind and we'll see you in the morning.

At least the faucet is working!


Joanne said...

At least u can use the toilet at hockey if u need 2. Then just hold on till 2morrow AM...or in some cases you could just go in the snow??? Hopefully the rooter gets there 1st thing in the AM otherwise u could get another 1 of those calls and b toilet-less another day. At least u'll have clean hands tho. :-)

Anonymous said...

Did George Bush cause the snow or was it Karl Rove?