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Carbon Credits

Brandi and I are going to France the last week of April and I am meeting her in Paris after my Wimbledon spring test. When booking my flight on British Airways, (which was cheaper than the travel sites due to the exchange rate) I noticed I could contribute to carbon reduction projects by paying a about 1 US Dollar. What they do is estimate the amount of carbon I use by flying on that particular flight and then they give me the option of offsetting my carbon usage. Of course I said yes!

But climate change is a hoax so I guess I wasted my money.


Slaw said...

When you come down next time, I will piss in a cup, call it lemonade and charge you one dollar for it.

The Big Guy said...

Yes, you did just waste your money.


Gullible, enabling fool.


T-Rav said...

It was either that or send my money to CPAC or the Tea Party. I chose something that actually makes sense.

Anonymous said...

thats my boy. dad

Slaw said...

You will probably generate more Carbon Dioxide talking to your dogs in the next day then you will by taking that flight, so tomorrow, just take a dollar bill and throw it out the window when you are driving around. And then repeat for each day for the rest of your life.

Joanne said...

I've got a better idea, instead of throwing the dollar bill out the window save em up and give them 2 me.

The Big Guy said...

I have no problem with you being a willing idiot.
The problems is when they (The Gubmint) decides to regulate, tax and fine people based on this bullshit line of faulty reasoning.

Here is the danger:
Some number of soi disant scientists decide that conspicuous consumption of fossil fuels will cause accelerated climate change.
The Gubmint imposes taxes and fines to encourage conservation.

I don't have a problem with that.
If you want to play, ya gotta pay.

Gubmint controlled HealthCare is instituted:

Some number of scientists convince some majority of law makers that since individuals who smoke are in need of more than their fair share of health care, they should be taxed more than non-smokers.
And they are, in the form of tobacco taxes.
Now, since that doesn't do enough to deter smoking, we'll just outlaw it all together.
After all, smoking is wrong. Smoking is bad.

Wow... That was easy.

Y'know - people who go outside without sunscreen have a higher risk of getting melanoma.
Well- we can't tax NOT using something...
Pass a law that forces people to wear sunscreen, that way we protect these idjits who would otherwise hurt themselves and become a drain on the healthcare system.

Wow... This is easy.

What else can we regulate and tax?
Recreational skydiving?
Deep-fried fatty foods?
Red meat pan-fried in butter?

Where do you draw the line?
And who gets to draw it?


T-Rav said...

TBG, where do you draw the line is tricky as you stated. But it can go the other way.

You and I both like to own guns (you just a tad more than me). I don't think I'll ever need an uzi so therefore I don't care if gun regulation outlaws uzi's. But I also agree that if they take uzi's, what's next. BUT, if there was no oversight, you and I would be battling our political differences with RPG's and hellfire missles. If there is no oversight, what would stop us from owning these weapons. Maybe that argument is a bit extreme, but I think you might see my point.

For over two hundred years the voters have determined where to draw the line. Although our current reps and senators aren't really in tune with anyone.

The Big Guy said...

"...Although our current reps, senators and especially our community-organizer-in-chief aren't really in tune with anyone."

There- fixed it for you.
No charge.


Anonymous said...

Trav, Take the buck and buy a tree. Plant it..Explain to me how giving them a buck will create less carbon while you are flying?