Jacksonville - this week.


Looking for Organ Donors

The first email I got today was from the "Brain" (Mitch). The second email of the day was from my better half...

"If you go to the grocery store, please get apples, broccoli, and organs. Only get the fruit if they look "bright" and healthy."

My first question was; does this mean I can get the organs if the look old, dark and cancerous?

My wife does work in health care; but seriously, what kind of operation are they running?


Cockroach said...

Obviously from a Crackberry, I-Blown or other POS mobile web device with predictive text.

Good thing it wasnt the opposite, where you could be asking for organ donors to save a life and get a bushel bag of oranges.


Joanne said...

We have some pretty good organs over here that look bright and healthy if she wants em. Altho they won't b that way by the time they make it 2 u.