Jacksonville - this week.


In the Big House

I'm in the "Big House" today. What I mean to say is that today is my day doing stats on Ashe Stadium Court with Bill Macatee (pictured), Jim Courier and Tracy Austin. I'm actually writing this on my break. I have some fairly boring matches today: Kuznetsova, Jankovic and Djokovic. The Djokovic match should provide maybe a little entertainment.

Ashe stats is usually the worst assignment. One, because it's cramped - sort of like stuffing 7 people in a Chevy Geo. Two, because it's a tad more stressful since you're on headset with the graphics folks, writing hand stats, as well as passing notes to the commentators. Three, because if you screw up the score only a few million people see it. No pressure huh?

Enjoy the matches, I've got to run back to my position.

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