Jacksonville - this week.


US Open

I finally made it. Ray (see photo on left) and I drove from DC yesterday and arrived in Flushing around 12:30pm. Fortunately, that was just in time to make a run to Mamas - the best sandwich on the planet. Mamas makes their own mozzarella and they layer it on very thick. Along with the fresh meats, the pepper and mushroom mixture the put on is outstanding.

I didn't get any dinner, however, since we were here until 10:30pm. But I did make up for the missed dinner with a full breakfast this morning. I am currently stuffed!

So anyway, qualifying is under way and the main event is approaching. You know it's getting close when you see the kids day stage set up on Stadium Court.

The US Hopeless (as it's affectionately known by IDS'ers) will be another stellar event. Even if we are all worn out and already looking forward to going home. Only two and a half weeks to go for me!

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