Jacksonville - this week.


A new world record

I would like to thank all of my supporters out there for helping me achieve a milestone. No, it is not age, grey hair or money. Yesterday, I received 22 visits on my blog far surpassing my previous record of 13 and my average of about 6. I have now tallied hits from the US, Canada, Australia (thanks Joanne), China, Chile, France and England.

I owe a lot of this success to two people; Erich Geisler and Glyn Williams. When I was bored at Wimbledon they were there for me keeping my attention focused on the wonderful world of the Internet blogs. When I succumbed to writers block, they were my inspiration for stupid and outrageous stories. When I thought having a blog was dumb and childish, they agreed but continued to support me in my endeavours. Thank you Glyn and Erich!

I am now the Michael Phelps of Internet Blogs. The Gold goes to Travis, Silver to the Aussies, and Bronze to the Chinese. But with great success comes great responsibility. I am now feeling to pressure to pump out quality blogs at a steady pace. But I'm not concerned, the US Open is only a week away and there will be plenty of good material for me to talk about there.


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Anonymous said...

My name is Osama. I live in a cave in Pakistan. Your Blog is truly an inspiration to me and world peace. Bless you and Sports and swarms.

ezG said...

Bloggers unite(!). Anytime you need inspiration for anything else, let me know. I.e., Facebook, digg, reddit, myspace, tuaw, engadget, etc.