Jacksonville - this week.


Are you kidding me?

Leave it to Andy D. to select a place for dinner that has Prime Rib the size of my thigh (pictured). This, by the way, is the small portion. Kudos to Keith who ate every last bite of the Prime Rib including most of the fat and gristle. He then proceeded to eat a salad and an ice cream dessert. Those UK boys sure can eat!

If anyone ever tells you to eat at Clarks Fish Camp in Jacksonville, Florida - Trust them!


Joanne said...

That place is AWESOME. Definitely a must if u ask me.

Anonymous said...

who is andy d?

Anonymous said...

did you take leftovers for the dogs


Ken said...

Andy is an animal that was last spotted at Clark's ....he is a healthy carnivore that goes to unsuspecting tables and gathers their scraps. He is not one to make angry. On the other hand...he cuddles up nicely after a large meal and loves to have his belly rubbed. Try the deep fried pickles next time...they r wonderful

Ken said...

i heart Clark's