Jacksonville - this week.


Weekend Update

Even though it is Monday night, I thought I would quickly re-cap the weekend.

1. Penn State lost to Iowa - That was a tad unpleasant - to put it mildly. You can see the disgust on the faces of two PSU fans (pictured - Andy & Lindsay D.)

2. Steelers lost - After the PSU loss, this was nothing

3. Finished my installation of the 10 sections of vinyl picket fencing - Got the thumbs up from the wife

4. Cleaned the Mazda inside and out - Got two thumbs up from the wife after she nearly fainted from the sight of me cleaning

5. Packed a suitcase for Florida

6. Woke up at 3:50am - out the door at 4:30 to Jacksonville

Pretty much hated this past weekend, one I soon hope to forget.

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Joanne said...

Good 2 c Andy and Lindsay finally made it on2 ur blog. I must say u were the 1st person we thought of on Sunday when Penn State lost, figured u wouldn't b happy. I then have 2 admit that i did laugh at ur NEVER MIND blog. That was pretty funny (Sorry).

Have fun in Wacko Jacko.