Jacksonville - this week.


A River Runs Through It

I can see my house from here!
Tree Hugger

Here are some photos from today's trek down Wallace Run. My brother and I started on our walk around 7am and finished our walk around 1:00pm. My legs are dead after walking through 6 inches of snow. The pictures above are the sights from our walk today. Picture 1 is my brother pretending that he spotted a bear. In reality, I told him to look interesting - it didn't work. Picture 2 is one of the three porcupines we saw on our walk. And that is about all we saw apart from 2 moths and one hawk. Picture 3 is an Obelisk I built last year just north of Grindstone Gap. I never thought it would be standing a year later. It has survived vandalism, high water and high winds. It goes to show the excellent craftsmanship I put into my work. I have titled this work of art Enduring Hope.
Tomorrow is a hunting free day. Instead I get to play squash with my mother in law. She will likely kick my butt. I welcome any comments here.

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Joanne said...

No comment on the squash, just interested 2 hear the result.

Hoping that there will soon b an update saying u've actually hunted something. Chop, chop.