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Ahhh, the Joy of TV

I love to watch television, but I dislike working with some TV personnel. My duties here in Colorado require me to manage the TV services for IBM/IDS. I've worked with TV on many occasions and have had numerous "run ins" with TV people. The latest was just one incident in a string of many.

Robbie, Dan and I set up TV yesterday and had a pleasant experience except for when we walked into the EVS/Tape trailer. As soon as we locked the first computer, we started getting the comments. "I've been on this truck for years and I've never seen a computer locked." "IBM laptops are junk anyway, why would you care is someone stole it?" "What happens if you damage our equipment with the lock cable" "This is ridiculous, we have laptops in here that we don't lock" And so on and so forth with some expletives.

Everywhere else we set up a computer, not one thing was mentioned about how we set them up. The graphics folks were actually helping us do whatever we needed to do. Mike the engineer for the A unit was as helpful as any engineer I've encountered. But, EVS/Tape will not be on my Christmas card list. Jim Ingalls (VP of IDS) has told me to remove the laptops from EVS is I have any other issues. I can't wait for that.

Overall, the incident was minor compared to some that I've had in the past. It's just very annoying. Other than that, the event is running smoothly. The weather has be warm and we've fended off the afternoon thunderstorms. But tomorrow is the big day and we'll be on site at least by 5:15am.

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Joanne said...

Oh yes....gotta love TV ppl.