Jacksonville - this week.


Phone Sick

I think I lengthened the duration of my cold/flu by standing in line yesterday waiting for my IPhone. Yes, I waited for 5 hours to get my 2 IPhones. Fortunately, the nice man behind me held the line for me while I went to blow my nose.

When I arrived at the Apple store, I was about 50th in line and I was the last person to be handed a guaranteed ticket for an IPhone. The others behind me had to stick around and hope some folks dropped out of line. The guy behind me was buying 3 IPhones and the girl behind him was buying 4 IPhones. In the end, everyone was able to get an IPhone because they had a shipment arrive after they opened. Nonetheless, I am the proud owner of two IPhones, one a 16 gig white and the other a 8 gig black. I've already been amazed at its functionality.

Other than that, I continue to feel like crap. Especially since I have to document the Wimbledon scoreboard functionality while sick.

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