Jacksonville - this week.


Stay away from me

I started feeling a sore throat on the Tuesday after Wimbledon ended. This is typical, I always seem to get sick after a big event. But the sore throat wore off by Thursday when I was back in the US. Today, however, my head feels like it is in a vice regardless of how much Dayquil Sinus crap I take. I've never felt sinus pressure like this before; it feels like Tommy Boy is sitting on my head, minus the wretched stench. Also, every thing in my body aches. My teeth hurt, my hair hurts, my toes hurt... You get the picture.

So I've spent the day either in bed with the dog licking my face or sitting on the couch so I could be upright where the snot would drain from my nose.

I'm going back to bed!

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ezG said...

this is pretty good, but not nearly as entertaining as PHG, imho, btw.