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To Do List

Since I've been so lazy around the house (granted I've been sick for the past week) my wife has handed me a to do list to spark my husbandry skills. Let's review the list if you don't mind.

1. Laundry - I've certainly neglected this as I'm down to my last pair of underwear
2. Clean the Bathtub - It was clean when I left for Wimbledon - therefore I still consider it clean.
3. Change HVAC filter - Yep... Way past due.
4. Sweep Laundry Room (no dead spiders!) - Yes Brandi actually wrote the "no dead spiders" as if it were my fault that they died.
5. Get Vanguard Paperwork - Time to move some money
6. Clean Fencing - In this heat? I'll get to this around October.
7. Flea & Tick - For the dogs, not me.
8. Goodwill - I'm not sure if I'm supposed to spread goodwill and joy to all or if I'm supposed to drop off some 2nd hand stuff at GoodWill?
9. Water Fern (front) - We have more than one fern... Already completed.
10. Get Mushroom Compost - What is not listed here is empty the mulch from the pick up truck first. Short Story: I urgently had to get mulch prior to my departure to Wimbledon so that my wife could spread the mulch while I was away. Over a month later the mulch has not been spread and now it's urgent that she have the Mushroom Compost which makes it urgent that I remove the mulch first. Vicious Cycle.
11. Water Heuchera in Crepe Myrtle Bed - Don't know what a Heuchera is so I'm not doing it.
12. Trim Camellia Hedge - Fair enough, should have been done months ago.
13. Download songs - Not sure if I want to do this since they are mostly hip hop songs that I despise and I don't want them contaminating my iPod.

This is just a brief glimpse into my day. There is a lot to do and pretty much all of the items on the list are justified, however, It is always enjoyable to poke fun at my wife.

Prior to being handed the list, I already had a list of what I needed to accomplish today.

1. Eat Breakfast
2. Poop
3. Nap
4. Eat Lunch
5. Post Blog (already ahead of schedule)
6. Nap
7. Plan for the rest of day

I guess it was good that my wife handed me a list even if I need to incorporate my list into her list.

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