Jacksonville - this week.


Getting into the swing of things

About all I've done since I've returned from Wimbledon is Laundry. Oh, I did mow the grass on Saturday with my dusty John Deere. I thought about cutting the grass at 1/4 of an inch to simulate Centre Court at Wimbledon, but I don't think I have the right grass mixture to do so.

So yes, I've been relaxing. My wife says that I'm still in "work mode" which is her way of saying - snap out of it idiot.

I do recognize that when I return from a long trip, such as Wimbledon, that I go into a trance. It's as if I forget how to live and function at home. I often find myself watching TV to no end while my wife cleans up around me - not that there's anything wrong with that. The only burst of energy I got yesterday was when I had the great idea to go to the Waffle House for dinner. I must say that I was very pleased with the elegant food and the wonderful atmosphere. Today I gathered up enough energy to drive to the Apple store to purchase an IPhone. But as my luck would have it - SOLD OUT. After that disappointment, I lost all energy and the will to perform any household task. I barely have the energy to type this blog. But since I will have a whopping 4 people reading this over the next few days, I felt that it was my duty to supply my readers with some content.

So, once I get out of this fog that I am in, I will be checking on my bees, completing the Wimbledon Scoreboard users guide, buying groceries and likely cleaning up after myself. But I make no promises on when this fog will actually lift.

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