Jacksonville - this week.


Flat Baggage

I awoke to a new day, a new horizon, a new... problem. Just when I thought the stress of Wimbledon has passed, I start my day off with a few issues. First of all, my baggage was not in Charlotte when I was yesterday afternoon. But not to worry Delta says, my baggage will be delivered at the latest - this afternoon. Yea, right!

Secondly, my tire is flat on the Mazda. I've already removed the tire and will be on my way to Clark Auto and Tire within a few minutes. Of course, I need to take my '89 Chevy truck with a load of mulch in the back topped with a nice old flat tire. On top of that, the truck is running on fumes which means that I'll be dropping about $100 at the pump if I choose to completely fill the tank. Joanne says that I'm not allowed to complain about the gas prices however, since the fuel costs in Australia double those in the US.

But, I promise that the day will get better. I will be scheduling an appointment for an hour massage later today. Coincidentally, the massage place is located right beside the AT&T store where I will pick up my new IPhone tomorrow. Now, my wife has indicated that she may want one as well (an IPhone, not a massage). Good thing Brandi is the breadwinner.

NOTE: My day is already getting better as my luggage has just arrived. Sorry to Delta for my earlier comments.

Maybe my next post will be from my IPhone.


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Joanne said...

Very true about the petrol. We r at $1.68 a litre right now and this AM they say within 10 yrs we'll b at $8 a litre. That's just crazy talk.

iPhone huh? Can that thing cook ur dinner and do ur housework as well as everything else it apparently does? I saw 1 in Hawaii last yr and i must say it was pretty cool but i just wouldn't wanna b that accessible. Looking 4ward 2 reading the next blog from the iPhone. No excuses now 4 not updating the blog. :-)