Jacksonville - this week.



There is not much to blog about today. Today was filled with pulling equipment, wrapping with bubble wrap and inventory. It appears as if we didn't lose anything and all equipment will be on its way to either Jacksonville or Evian. Tomorrow I will be loading 22 cases on to a truck and waving goodbye to Wimbledon 2008. Good timing too - I am ready to go home.

Hopefully my next post will be from my couch describing how I am doing absolutely nothing and loving it. That is until Chase, my male lab, pulls me off the couch to go play outside in the sweltering heat of North Carolina.

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Joanne said...

There is no better feeling than waving goodbye 2 the equipment and watching it drive out those gates is there? Glad it all went well. Good Job. Thanks again 4 having me, it was fun........just a pity about the result :-(

Talk 2 u soon